A BIT ABOUT THE LOUTH BARN OWL PROJECT In association with The Barn Owl Project, guidance from the Louth branch of BirdWatch Ireland, Louth Nature Trust, and initiated by the wildlife rehabilitators of Drogheda Animal Rescue, we hope to find and record existing nesting and roosting sites as well as the hunting grounds used by Barn Owls in our wee county. We also would like to identify sites that nest boxes could be hung to help the Barn Owl increase their range here. Nest boxes will only be hung at sites that are deemed suitable, i.e. at least 1-2km away from the motorway, adjacent to rough grassland, no rodenticide used in the area, etc. We ask the public to kindly report any known roosting/nesting sites, any sightings of Barn Owls within Louth, and any injured or dead birds they may encounter. Any local businesses or groups that would like to sponsor the materials and building cost of a nest box or two we would love to hear from you. If you are part of a group or even a handy individual that could assist us with making some boxes, your help would also be very much appreciated. We would also like to ask for your help by spreading the word of this project. Anyone who could perhaps assist with the cost of printing, distribution and displaying of flyers, your support would be gratefully received. Please bear in mind, we are volunteers, but we will endeavor to reply to you asap. Email:
Many thanks to Cathal Johnson for running this web site for many years.