Oriel River Catchments and Coastal Association (ORCCA)


The vision of the Oriel River Catchments and Coastal Association is that the habitats of the rivers which flow into Dundalk Bay, as well as the region’s coastal environments, are healthy and bio diverse and are resilient to future change, supporting vibrant and prosperous communities.

Mission Statement

We will conserve, protect, enhance and restore our rivers, coastal waters, groundwater, wetlands and their surrounding environments.

We will endeavour to inspire, inform and educate all who live, work and visit the region about our water environment and the role we can all play in its protection and improvement.

We recognise the history of the region and will help to preserve its rich natural, built and social heritage.

We aim to help ensure our water environments and communities are more resilient to climate change.

We will support sustainable recreation and tourism along our waterways and coast, providing benefits for our communities, environment and local economy.